Tuesday, February 14, 2006

DXing, QSL cards and awards

Many amateurs enjoy trying to contact stations in as many different parts of the world as they can on shortwave bands, or over as greater range as possible on the higher bands, a pursuit which is generally known as DXing.

On successful conversaton (QSO) radio amateurs exchange acknowlegment (QSL) cards with other radio amateurs, to provide written confirmation of a QSO. Some collect these to keep it as a momento, some collect these for competitions. After all COLLECTING VALUABLES is a hobby, some collect antiques, some collect stamps, some pens and some even collect radios. Ham operators like to collect radios and a QSL cards.


What does this word 'DX' mean?

Well D stands for distance and X would be a unknow distance of a station from whom the signals are received. Listening to home town station would not be DXing, but the station thousands of kilometers away in a different country would be DXing.

Most ideal time is the night time when which most DXers prefer. Since FM stations could be heard anywhere in the city DXers are not interested in it, most listen to AM signal thats travels longer distance round the globe after multiple reflections from ionosphere and ground, so easily bending at horizons and covering wider area. As the sunsets the sporadic layer and certain ionospheric layers get active and start reflecting more rays than they would in day and so the signal reception gets better.

The number of operating awards available is literally in the thousands. Amateurs around the world come out of their shacks (their dearest corner in house, where they have their rigs; loving called babies). All move out in field and setup a station at some weird place and start QSO. The place and the operation standards vary as per the DXing competition.

The most popular awards are the Worked All States award, usually the first award amateurs in the United States aim for, the Worked All Continents award, also an entry level award on the shortwave bands, and the more challenging Worked All Zones and DX Century Club (DXCC) awards. DXCC is the most popular awards programme, with the entry level requiring amateurs to contact 100 of the (as of 2005) 335 recognized countries and territories in the world, which leads on to a series of operating challenges of increasing difficulty. Many awards are available for contacting amateurs in a particular country"

Well there was team of TARA present at Elephanta caves they have rocked the world with all the QSO they have had. Here are some of the snaps. Watch and enjoy.


At 12:34 AM, Blogger mysticarni said...

wow!! This sounds exciting! Tat must have been real fun! Tara absolutely rocks!

At 2:15 AM, Blogger mysticarni said...

Hey Dex! Come 2 think of it! U might as well change the term from DXing to Dexing! Wat say?

At 6:34 AM, Anonymous dexter said...

hahahaha.... dexing.... i like that one...


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